Erosion Control

    A slope is exposed to eroding when it temporarily or permanently loses its vegetation.  Erosion due to weathering is one of the main causes of the instability in a natural slope, either because of the nature or by man.

    There are slopes on which it is difficult to preserve the vegetation because the terrain is arid, it is made up of inert matter, it is found under unfavorable conditions such as strong winds, the impact of rain, and runoff on the surface of the terrain.

    Arru Soluciones Paisajistas has a wide variety of options to control erosion depending on the need, such as:

    • Geotextile fabrics (photodegradable)
    • Gabions
    • Geomembranes
    • Geogrids
    • Vetiver Plant
    • Mancillo Plant

    We perform:

    • Retaining walls and slopes
    • Stabilization of soft soils
    • Erosion control
    • Waterproofing
    • Filtration

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