Garden Design

We count in our favor that in tropical countries like Costa Rica, we do not

Garden Construction

We offer you a wide variety of gardens: colonial, minimalist, Japanese, tropical ... according to

Garden Maintenance

En Costa Rica es posible encontrar toda una gama de abonos químicos, de gran efectividad

Irrigation Systems

The irrigation system can be by sprinkler or drip. Automatic sprinkler irrigations are of great

Erosion Control

A slope is exposed to eroding when it temporarily or permanently loses its vegetation.  Erosion

Installation, maintenance and reparation of Pavers

Within the world of landscaping, the options are endless; paving stones can be used to

Fumigation and Organic Fertilization of Plants

Arrú, being a company with an environmental commitment, it has been given the task of

Plant Rental and Sale

Knowing the care that plants require and that not all people have the knowledge or

Small Constructions

We know that when building a garden there may be the need of making some